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New lunch program at QSI Shekou!

School lunch program

ow You Can Check Menus

Go to www.Aulon.Cn

Click on “Catering – Quality Schools International “ – password is QSI (all caps)

Choose a campus to see monthly menus

Here you'll also find an opportunity to give constructive feedback directly to Aulon, so Mr. Maher and his chef can prepare the best options for you.  As Aulon learns what parents and students want, the food your children eat will get better and always remain healthy.  Aulon's professional health and hygiene experts will be on hand to assure safety and high quality at all times. Just click on QSI Catering Forum to submit your comments.

What Your Child Will Get

School lunchTop quality food products - hand selected fruits, vegetables and meats prepared by a professional chef and cooking staff, served by trained personnel right from hot steam tables and chilled fruit and vegetable bins in sanitized lunch trays...

A choice of Asian, Western and Korean menu items - parents and their children can view online a monthly menu and choose which style of food they would like to start the year with.  You will be able to change the style once each month; just give Aulon a few days to make the adjustments...

How the System Works
  1. lunch staffChoose a style
    Each parent must decide (with the help of their child) what style of food the child will start the year with and commit to it for one full month:
    • Western (foods from the Americas and Europe), or
    • Asian (food from China and many other Asian countries), or
    • Korean
    After the first month, the style of food can be changed on a monthly basis. Parents must prepay for lunches much in the same way as before, but unlike last year, if there is any balance left on your "lunch account" for your child, a refund will be granted at the end of the year.  Students will only be charged for the meals they are served.

  2. Prepay
    School lunchTo prepay, call 266-77640 and ask to speak to Maggie in accounting, or email the accounting office at maggie-lagura @ shk.qsi.org .

    At the Early Childhood Center (ECC) and Lower Elementary levels, prepared trays of the style of meal your child ordered will be delivered to your child's room at the appointed lunch time each day - hot and delicious.

    Beginning at age 9 years old up to secondary 4, your child will use his/her ID card (much like a metro card for the bus or subway).  the card balance will reflect what the parent has deposited into their "lunch account".  a card reader will deduct the cost of a meal each time your child goes through the lunch line.  as the balance on the card reaches expiration, parents will receive a message stating that more money must be deposited in their food service account.  this can easily be done as soon as the parent deposits the funds.



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